The first Photoshop based film


How do you get art directors’ attention to communicate the existence of a new image bank? Connect with them through the tool they use the most: Photoshop. And surprise them. Pretty simple, uh? The idea of a Photoshop based film is just brilliant. Art directors were sent .psd files that once opened will generate a short movie where each frame is a Photoshop layer. The result is pretty cool.

This is another great example coming from Brazil on how you can make the difference and obtain great results also through media creativity. Where media is not only a print or an outdoor ad, or not just a banner, but rather any tool that can be used to deliver a message. Yes, even a toaster as we recently posted.
The agency is DM9DDB. In case you want to experience the Photoshop film directly, they have provided us with the link to the .psd.

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