PwC: Tablets to drive digital collaboration


Tablet computers will enjoy the same take up profile as DVD players and are tipped to drive a new era of digital collaboration in media.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Outlook: Australian Entertainment and Media forecasts that by 2015 one in four Australians will own a tablet computer, pushing the total to 5.5 million devices.

“While tablets may initially be adopted at a rate of one per household, PwC believes that it will common by 2015 for each household to have multiple devices,” said PwC partner and author of the latest media outlook David Wiadrowski.

A survey conducted by the firm in March found that tablet devices were predominantly used to send and receive email, followed by web browsing, social networking, playing games and listening to music.

Over a quarter of those surveyed also indicated that tablets are also used for reading books and newspapers and watching films and TV. PwC forecasts a rapid shift in the use of tablets, driving mobile advertising.

“As 3G networks improve PwC believes the use of tablets will shift to become more mobile devices, used increasingly on the go,” said Wiadrowski.

PwC expects tablets to enjoy a similar swift take-up profile as DVD players and digital cameras.

Simultaneously, over the next five years digital technologies will progressively increase their influence, forcing media companies to invest in digital collaboration.

“By 2015 PwC believes most of the successful entertainment and media companies will have digital collaboration infused into their DNA. We are seeing this now as traditional media organisations embrace digital distribution.”

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